Petgirls fetish: Danica Collins turned into a dumb bitch

I've posted lots of Danica Collins pictures lately where she is posing in lingerie and stockings. Today I would like to reveal the darker side of this amazingly beautiful woman. Like most of us, Danica has a number of kinky fetishes and being a petgirl is one of them. Let's take a look at busty mature lady turned into bitch (literally)!

The need of submission is somehow built in the female sole. Danica Collins is not an exception: being degraded and trained is totally natural for her. Danica discovered petgirls fetish several years ago and getting treated like a household pet makes the busty babe totally happy since.

Petgirl fetish: Danica Collins gets nudeCaged MILF is nude and helplessLeashed and collared petgirl Danica Collins

Danica Collins petgirl play normally starts with the scene where sexy MILF takes down all of her clothes. You've seen loads of her stripping scenes in my previous posts so there is no need for me to tell you how sexy Danica can be when undressing. The next step for the submissive woman would be to spend a few hours being locked in the pet cage. Nothing stimulates submission better than spending time being nude, helpless and put in restrictive box made from steel wires. Do I have to mention the fact that petgirls aren't allowed to talk? Moans and silent barking are the only sounds Danica Collins is allowed to make. Isn't that kinky?

Training of a willing petgirlHigh heeled mature crawls around nakedDanica Collins with her breasts swinging

Training is the important part in household pets life. Danica loves to play with dog toys and acting on command is one of her favorite activities as a petgirl. Today's task for her would be to move skittles across the room. How dogs move stuff around? In their mouth of course! But Danica Collins has to be prepared before the fun begins: with a tight leather collar put around her neck and a chain leash attached, breasted MILF is now fully transformed into a petgirl!

Nude and submissive MILF petgirlPetgirl Danica Collins

Moving on all fours on the floor, Danica takes the toys with her mouth and then move them to the other side. I really enjoy red high heels on her feet but big breasts are the objects that capture my attention entirely. Big tits are swing back and forth as Danica Collins crawls around, putting me in a hypnotic state. What about you? Can you sit still when jugs like those are so close?

Master watches the petgirl closely: he can punish the petgirl for being lazy or he can reward Danica with tasty dainty for her eagerness. Getting fed from a bowl is another exciting scene I would like to show you, but you have to wait for my next post to see the pictures.

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